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that in the forecast coming up. kimberly? >> we look forward to that. america is preparing to say good-bye to one of its most beloved political leaders. senator edward kennedy will be laid to rest in arlington national cemetery today. we have live team coverage with derrick ward at arlington national cemetery. right now his body is lying i n repose at thejfk y.librar but first michelle franzen in boston where senator kennedy's funeral will take place in less than an hour. >> family and members of congress are meeting here, the library a short time away. we want to show you a live picture. ted kennedy's wife, now widow, vicki kennedy is greeting some of the delegates there today from the house and the senate. they will make their way up to the church in a short time and file int the church. the boistrous senator from massachusetts and the youngest of nine in the kennedy family certainly had a special connection to this basilica. a place where he came when his daughter cara was getting treated for cancer and then returned when he was diagnosed for cancer. now once again he returns. three daes of pu
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decades. the last-minute preparations upped way as the final brother of america's most well-known political family is laid to rest. >>> good morning and welcome to "news 4 today." i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm kimberly suiters in for barbara harrison this morning. it's friday, august 28th, 2009. let's take a live look outside. beautiful morning shaping up. a little bit on the warm side but cool, wet weather on the way. >> meteorologist tom kierein has joined us hooer in the studio for a look at our forecast for today and the weekend. coecur ors v iiewen anne arunde wuntyakgp u to some rpnain morning.ning this that is a line ofat some rswe rs and thunder arntgomery, how montgomery, howabout an hour ag abt an hour ago or two a hours ago. ith there's still some rn a little bit of thunder acro rtnocentral maryland art frederick county, carroll county o ntand iuto washington iou nt cy th satllouti angancidv to the rohn id m t mid to low 70s. 76 now in washington, 60s in the shenandoah valley. as the day progresses, remaining cloudy and humid. t ha a passing morning shower but a great
t erve ser in these lls. s nancyi posil says he had a grand orvi fs america and an inparalleled work for change. he had deep concern for the least among us. no one has done more than setor konese tdy educate our children, care for our seniors and tsure the for all americans. of course, senator kennedy's death comes at a critical time of the health care debate. health care was a lifelong issue for senator kennedy. president barack obama is facing a very, very difficult fight for his health care reform plan. he is going to need all of the votes that he can get. the vacancy being left by the death of senator kennedy, of course, not great timing for the obama administration. actually, senator kennedy and in his final days was trying to change the succession law in massachusetts so that in the tenth of his death they would not go unrepresented, that should the health care vote come up after his death that hay would have a vote in that. the way the law stand right now, there would be a special election within five months of the vacancy and all of that, of course, now has to be sorted out.
. this looks like a good spot. you kin' do it. america runs on dunkin'. treayo tt selfoday with an authentic caramel swirl iced latte. >>> silent gunman. this morning we are learning more about a decidedly shooting inside a pennsylvania health club. without saying a word, a gunman walked into an aerobics class, turned off the lights and opened fire. >>> president clinton is on the way to the u.s. with two journalists freed from north korea. how the former president and other leaders were able to negotiate for their release. >>> good morning. thank you for waking up with us this morning for "news4 today." i'm barbara harrison. i'm keith garvin in for joe krebs. it is wednesday, august 5th, 2009. a live look outside across washington area. a beautiful sky with clouds moving in. >> tom says that could mean rain for us today. he is here to tell us about it. good morning. >>> it is a soothing summer moing. res too humid with tempetu in the comfort zone at this s hour. hiaston and hiarng w the nearby suburbs nea n70. on the radar, no preave a cool ap aoausg sch the day ssesogsssre. and by early a
is the intentional dismanling of the america. >> and they are trying to convince americans that health care reform is not about politics. and the president is trying to stir the debate back to a cold, hard discussion of the ,rian mo wa de,tengt badebate, the ofs cu "meet p morning. ,n the morning. on the show, the airman rofit nonprofit freedom freedom omkldaah odaomah senator, forr nasemeortor senator dom taschleom whote wro book about thero process, and calitil commentator, rachel maddow. >>> in prince george's county the search is onlictpeus specto potatpeho sho a a police office. afnton.teesrnayoo afternoon.amel th orauys itsa ereicarty off as tharles officer was in theere fie re w e ic othasff notfi hihit. he endp u telling police the shooting might be the result of a dispute with a family member. >>> and a boat ran a ground on rocks. four people were onboard. they apparently misjudged how shallow the water is in that area just north of buoy number 90. and the fire department spent two rescue boats to help dislodge the boat and escort it back to shore. nobody was hurt. >>> there is a
, "wonderful day for america. sotomayor will be swn i tomorrow on live television, another first for the supreme court. congress has hit the accelerator on the cash for clunkers program. last night, the senate joined the house in approving an additional $2 billion worth of funding. that bill now awaits president obama's signature. under the program, consumers can get up to $4,500 in rebates if they swap out their gas guzzler for new, more fuel-efficient cars. the program's initial $1 billion ran out of money after ten days. lawmakers exempt the new funding to last through labor day. happening today, the tax free holiday kicks into high gear in virginia. this weekend parents are getting a price break on school supplies. it could not have come at a better time. the recession is clearly having an effect on back to school spending. the national retail federation estimates four out of five americans are making changes to their budgets and to their back-to-school plans. spending is projected to be down nearly 8% this year. the tax-free holiday is a plus for both shoppers and for retail
america and can grow to be 60 pounds. how did it get there? authorities believe it used to be a pet and the authorities believe it released them into a pack. never heard about it until we grilled a fish in our grilling segment and now they're loose in the wild. >> that's what happens when you get these strange fish. thanks for joining us this morning. "inside the redskins is next." have a great weekend. see you tomorrow.
afghanistan who works for the voices of america is watching and reporting with particular interest. >> broadcasting this program from united states to my people in afghanistan, i somehow represent that one day maybe, if we overcome all the challenges, we will be enjoying democratic system as well. >> the top u.n. official in the country acknowledged that there have been scattered attacks, but that official said for the most part the election process seems to be on track. back to you. >> thank you very much. now to iraq a a devastating series of bombings that killed more than 100 people. the prime minister now blames sunni militants lked to al qaeda in iraq. more than 500 peopleere wounded in yesterday's attacks. the coordinated bombings targeted heavily guarded government buildings. they are a setback for iraq's efforts to keep order as american troops pull out. >> new today, a plea from senator ted kennedy to state leaders in massachusetts. he's asking them to change state law to speed up the process of choosing his replacement should he leave the senate. the state passed the law
american journalists back home here in the america. after nearly five months in captivity in north korea. now we're hearing firsthand about the moment they found out their plight had ended. laura ling and euna lee returned home to southern california yesterday morning. north korean leader kim jong-il ii granted the women's release after meeting with former president bill clinton during an unannounced visit. ling described the moment she knew her nightmare was over. >> when we walked through the doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. we were shocked. >> ling and lee were sentenced to hard labor in north korea but they were never taken to a work camp. the women were kept apart and not allowed to communicate with each other. >> metro's getting money to fight terrorism. the federal government is giving metro more than $9.5 million to create antiterrorism teams. the money will be used to hire 20 more officers who will staff teams. metro is also getting more money to expand its chemical detection program at stations and upgrade radio xhupgss in tunnels located in prince georg
' donuts coffee on ice. this looks like a good spot. you kin' do it. america runs on dunkin'. treat yourself today with an authentic caramel swirl iced latte. >>> here's today's news 4 bargain blast. celebrate ago birthday in august, domino's pizza will give you a free cake. >> between now and august 31st, stop by your local domino's on your birthday to receive one free chocolate lava crunch cake. proof of your wirbirth date is required. keith, you will be heading over there on the 23rd. >> that's right. you remember. i don't know how pepperoni goes with oatmeal and raisins. i didn't know domino's made cake. >> lava cake. that's where you put your fork in, and it all -- chocolate. >> had no idea. domino's, the place for lava cake. >> hey, tom, good morning again. >> are you guys hungry or something? >> we are. >> pepperoni, cookies, cake. those who are hungry for hot, humid weather will be granted their wish. there is our predawn glow. sun coming up in one minute. sunrise this morning is at 6:12. 6:11, 73 at national airport. you can see that summer haze over the berry farm neighbor
lives in dint was. very cool. >> america. >>> d.c., what a hot city. >> this is the type of weather we expect. >> right. you know -- >> in july and august in d.c. >> now middle of august is just nout getting to us. >> and it's finally catching up. the heat has been basically on the west coast. we were quite comfortable for most of the summer. a bit rainy but most of the time the temperatures have been held at bay. this weekend, yes, the door is swinging wide open. today's not so bad. it's tomorrow and monday. thosare the two hottest days. monday being the peak of the heat. at least for today it's going to be pretty comfortable with t #, #,up deees. plus the hidity wilbe onn the low side. tomorrow, though, we jump into the mid 90s. the humidity goes up. again, by the time we get to monday, ooh, boy, yep, just plain old hot. here's what it looked like. the sun is shining. it is breaking through the clouds we have streaming across the area. we will be in and out of the clouds today. we'll call it partly sunny skies out there. enough sunshine to warm it up to about 90 degrees. right now we
jackson. i nominated jesse jackson. i knew then that america was not ready for jesse jackson or any other african-american, or al sharpton. barack -- president obama has said to himself he stands on the shoulders of many, dr. king and other people in the civil rights movement. that makes me feel good, plus he's brilliant, bright, doing a good job. i'll rate him. >> okay. there you go. "the nine lives of marion barry." it's on hbo. you can see it the rest of this month. councilman, thank you for coming in. we appreciate this. >> thank you. >> now back to "news 4 today." we thank you for joining us this morning on "viewpoint." enjoy the rest of your weekend, everybody. >>> gunfire erupts outside a metro station. seven people are shot. teen aimingers are among the victims. >>> new details and video about one of the largest jewelry heists in britain's history. >>> another beautiful sunday morning, but how long can we hold out before rain moves back into the picture? >>> od morning. welcome back to "news 4 today." i'm keith garvin. the news is just ahead. but first we want to check in with chu
stranded on a roller coaster for more than four years. it happened yesterday at the great america theme park in santa clara. the riders were on the roller coaster when it came to a stop, leaving them 80 feet off the ground. rescue crews had to use a cherry picker to rescue about two dozen people. no one was injured. investigators say the roll every coaster had a mechanical problem. >> with an eight-game winning streak, everything has been going great important nats as of late but now the team is getting some very bad news. >> one of their promising young pitchers will beside lined for the year. lindsay czarniak has your sports minute. >> hey there. good morning, everybody. your sports minute on this tuesday morning begins with bad news for the nationals. nationals rookie right-hander jordan zimmerman is expected to have season-ending surgery on his right elbow. the 23-year-old is considered one of the building blocks of the nationals franchise. he will beside lined at least a year with tommy john surgery to repair that torn ligament. >>> orioles hosting the athletics. mark ell had a car
of america. i figure i might as well check it out. >> reporter: as the motorcade made its way down constitution, onlookers glanced for a last glimpse. meanwhile, at the capitol where he served for 47 years, many of kennedy's current and former staffers stood on the senate steps for two hours. when the lion arrived, they all roared. >> well, i've seen a lot of processions and a lot of ceremonies in this town since i've been here. i've never seen anything like this. >> reporter: lester ran the massachusetts democratic party in the late '60s. he's one of many of kennedy's former staffers who became successful. melody miller worked forhe late senator longer than just about anybody else. >> i was with him for 37 years. >> reporter: 37 years? >> who would want to leave? he was at all of our weddings, at our funerals, at our bedsides. the loyalty was a two-way street. that's why you have the entire steps filled with his former staff. there's no place we would have rather been. >> reporter: the thousands of others here seemed to agree as they waved flags, sang songs and wiped away tears, a
powerful hurricane. here it is. here's the northern coast of south america. here are the islands. here's haiti and dominican republic and there's cuba. and here's florida and here's washington just to get you oriented. well, bill now has winds of near 100 miles an hour with gusts over 120 miles an hour. moving west/northwest at about 15. here's the latest projected track for bill. now, could track anywhere in this yellow zone but it does appear it will be missing the islands, passing north of there over the next couple of days. here's bermuda. it may become just -- just to the west of bermuda by saturday morning. here's the atlantic seaboard. it appears it's going to take a turn to the right and stay out to sea right now. however, if it tracks here on the left side of this potential track zone, it may be just off the outer banks, perhaps on sunday. could be some very heavy surf at the beaches as we get into the sunday and monday period. we'll keep an eye on bill for you. here's how our sky is starting off this morning. we're in the 60s to near 70 degrees with the dew points in the 60s.
, bank of america has dropped a requirement forcing customers with disputes on credit cards and other accounts into arbitration. this means unhappy customers can now sue for activities that they think are unfair or illegal. consumer advocates say a arbitration does favor the companies and people don't realize they're waiving the right to sue when they sign agreements to arbitration. supporters say arbitration is faster and less costly than going to court, often why companies prefer it. now back to you. >> courtney, thanks very much. have a great weekend. >> reporter: you, too, joe. >> thanks. >> news 4 is helping to find jobs 4 you. the children's inn at nih is looking for a resident manager to manage ovnight activities. the person who accepts this position will have to live on-site. if interested in learning more and applying toano -- - just goo our websit, and search jobs 4 you. >> well, this weekend marks the 40th anniversary of woodstock, that iconic three-day festival that celebrated peacend love and music and mud and rain and drugs and sex. and all that. ♪ ah
. this morning a public memorial planned in honor of the powerful patriarch of america's most well-known political family. how family members, friends, colleagues and supporters will pay tribute to his life. >>> well, good morning and welcome to "news 4 tod." i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm eun yang in for barbara harrison. today thursday, august 27th, 2009. we're going to take a live look outside at 5:00 this morning. 75 degrees it looks like. the capitol dome lit up today in the dark sky but we know that the sun will be coming up eventually. we want to know what the forecast will be like, tom. >> sunrise in about an hour and a haar ,ound 6:30. tof'rof a ar do have a few clouds we dhave a few clouds tr o ou h rtnonoo our noh ra dar. radar. temperatures, 75 iwashingt. a littlend nort h,es andtnorth, morning. slo morning. low 70s in southern maryland, near the bay. dese are the current that'ss. r that's rather humid. a weak front is along the mason-dixon line, pennsylvania border and drifting to the e bns wile b increasing clouds this afternoon. ghhishould reach the mid and upghr 80s befo
. >>> a couple of college kids on a mission to make america smile and give us all reason to feel better about ourselves. all that and much more to come. keith, right now let's send it back to you in washington. >> a lot of us need smiles today, lefter. we look forward to that one. >> we'll see you. >> it can be difficult to help find men and women ways to heal. >> did you thank the ladies? thank the ladies. >> reporter: meet army specialist conrad witt and his horse apollo. >> apollo, i tell you, i feel like i've been on here for about four hours. >> reporter: he's recovering from wounds he suffered from iraq. they're emotional as well as physical. . apollo is part of his rehabilitation. wait a minute. you used to be scared of horses? >> scared? i had a phobia. >> reporter: the changes the horses bring to the soldiers is dramatic. by using the gait of the horse is enabling you to work on your balance, mcle tone, work on self-confidence. >> reporter: this therapeutic riding program lasts eighth weeks helping soldiers like specialist robert rodriguez. >> how did it ma uk you feel? >> more relax
dominating his presidency are taking no break. america's attention is on health care but that is far from the only issue facing the president. brooke hart reports. >> reporter: in martha's vineyard with family, president obama this week takes a time-out in a tough summer. his health care drive is under fire in new tv ads. >> mr. president, when you go back to d.c., drop your government-run public option plan. >> i think a public option is important. >> reporter: the president has said he still backs government insurance as part of reform. >> yes, we are considering alternativ alternatives. >> reporter: now liberal democrats who agree are weighing a special tactic in the senate. it would let them pass a health care bill with the simple majority, not the usual 60 votes. republicans are girding for battle. >> that would be an abuse of the process. >> reporter: on another front for the president, afghanistan. results of last week's election, incumbent hamid karzai versus challenger abdullah abdullah will be made public tuesday. there are growing claims of vote-rigging. that means new politica
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and academic performance is better than almost anybody in america. in fact, our african-americans score as -- get threes on college-ready tests than systems that have nine or ten times more african-american population than we do. we had all of our schools in the top 3.5% in the country. we had some of the top schools in the country and in the world. and now we have a growing, burgeoning enrollment thanks to all the kids coming back from private schools and from all over the country. >> reporter: thank you so much for joining us this morning. so, while so many school systems are trying to figure out how to get their kids past national tests, here in montgomery county they're talking about getting their kids on to college so parents can feel really proud of that as they send their students off for a brand-new year here in montgomery county. i'm tracee wilkins. we'll have more for you in just a bit. >> many students in prince george's county will head out this morning to start their second week of school. administrators there have been working around the clock trying to straighten out the
on ice. this looks like a good spot. you kin' do it. america runs on dunkin'. t treayourself today with an authentic caramel swirl iced latte. >>> it's the first step toward tying up some of those loose ends left after michael jackson's death. today an l.a. judge could decide some key issues having to do with the singer's children and his estate. as jinah kim reports, this hearing has been postponed several times before, but it's finally happening today. >> reporter: at this morning's court hearing in los angeles, the judge is expected to rule on a custody agreement already reached between michael jackson's mother and his ex-wife. the deal, struck last week, gives 79-year-old katherine jackson full custody of jackson's three young children while debbie rowe, the mother of the two oldest children, will get visitation and legal parental rights. legal experts say it appears to be a win-win arrangement. >> i think it's excellent. it's a ten. they have seemed to have done it quickly, they seemed to have done it without publicity, they have seemed to have done it apparently without money
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)